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The solicitors at Cameron Legal have a wealth of experience in providing debt recovery advice to both individual and commercial clients.

We appreciate the individual position of each of our clients and provide practical and commercially appropriate advice for their specific circumstances. We work closely with you to devise a recovery option that keeps costs to a minimum.

Contact us today to discuss the options available to you in recovering your debt.

Court proceedings

Court proceedings are initiated when all other available recovery options have been unsuccessful. The thought of going to court can be quite daunting, and the solicitors at Cameron Legal appreciate that this can be a stressful time for all involved.

We can represent you in both the initiation and defence of such claims.

Enforcing Judgments

Obtaining a favourable outcome in your debt recovery matter can become a hollow victory if the person who owes you the money does not comply with the judgement.

In these situations there are a variety of enforcement options available to you which include:

  • A writ for the levy of property – this is where property belonging to the debtor is seized and sold by the Sherriff to satisfy the debt.
  • Garnishee order – where the court orders that funds be taken from the debtor ‘s bank accounts, wages or other funds held on the debtor’s behalf to repay your debt.
  • Examination Order – where the debtor is compelled to provide you with information about their financial affairs including income and assets.
  • Bankruptcy or winding up a company – In some situations you will need to commence bankruptcy or winding up proceedings against a debtor to recover your money

The appropriate enforcement procedure will depend on your specific circumstance. The solicitors at Cameron Legal can advise you on the viable options for your given situation and assist you in taking the necessary action to recover your money.